Cultural Tour: Lighthouse Culture

As the birthplace of Canadian Confederation, the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island played an important role in the history of Canada. Fittingly, given that the Island is dotted with lighthouses, a key meeting of political leaders in 1864 shed light on the future of the nation.
Fifty-two lighthouses can be found in various locations on PEI, such as North Cape lighthouse, Souris Lighthouse, Point Prim Lighthouse, Wood Islands Lighthouse, East Point Lighthouse, West Point Lighthouse, and Summerside Lighthouse, each one different from the others. Why not join the many visitors who make a lighthouse tour the highlight of their trip?
Modernization has taken its toll on the lighthouses, however, many of which have been retired from active duty and replaced with more technical solutions. But lighthouses on PEI remain close to Islanders’ hearts with their rich and colourful history, their symbolism as beacons of hope and safety, and memories of the many sailors who depended on their lights to avoid rocks and shoals.
From so many structures, how to choose the most worthwhile lighthouses to visit if you are just common travelers who are not super fans of lighthouse culture? In this series, we will give you some recommendation about the seven most interesting lighthouses to visit on PEI.
The Set of Seven Lighthouses
1、Point Prim Lighthouse

2、Souris Lighthouse

3、Wood Islands Lighthouse

4、North Cape Lighthouse

5、West Point Lighthouse

6、Panmure Island Lighthouse

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