A Paradise With Breath-taking Natural Beauty: Prince Edward Island

Travel is magical! Not only can travel refresh our mood, but it also can refresh our relationships.
Recently, a website named Popsugar posted 50 romantic ways to rekindle the romance in your relationship, generating much heated discussion! It is said that these 50 things re-awaken people’s first throb of love, and travel was number two on the list.
PEI as a gift of nature provides some incredible travel experiences that you will never forget.

1、 You can enjoy a gorgeous view of the lighthouses at sunset.

2、 Walking in the red beach under the blue sky can always remind you of the sweet first love.

3、 Play tag with your love in the blooming tulip fields and pick a flower for her/him to show your endless love.

4、 Journey to the north of the Island on a peaceful night with a camera and the one you love to take photos of the Northern Lights and make wishes under the starry sky.

5、 Going to the ranch to see the rolls of hay, you can feel the breath of pure, fresh nature.

6、With friends, you can play outdoor karting and feel the thrill of bumping karts.

7、Paddle a little boat in the endless ocean to feel the rhythm of the sea.

8、Build a luxurious sand castle on the beach with your love to create a very special memory.

Let’s walk into the romantic Prince Edward Island.

Author: Boughton Island Ltd.
Chinese Editor: Peng Peng
English Editor: Ginny

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