On the Way Home: A Guide for PEI RV Camping

RV is the abbreviation for a Recreational Vehicle, often referred to as an RV Motorhome. This style of travel combines home, travel, and camping, just like a home on the road, and is especially suitable for the whole family. Compared with traditional travel by car, RV travel not only creates more freedom, leisure, and adventure, but also provides travellers a stress-free way to indulge in the landscape during your holiday.

RV travel is popular in North America. In the United States, a group of people called Snowbirds drive south for their winter and return home in spring. Some people simply sell their house, then drive to wherever they want to go in their RV. The biggest advantage of RV travel is that people can bring their familiar lifestyle to their favourite places. RV travel is not a cheap way to travel, but it’s a very special experience.

In general, the two most commonly used RVs are a car trailer and motorhome. The car trailer is not a self-driving car, but is a trailer that attaches to a car, so you can change vehicles during the trip. In contrast, a motorhome is self-propelled, an entire home on wheels. Choosing to use an RV can save you the effort of setting up a tent for an efficient and high quality camping experience. Enjoy the purity of nature and wilderness with your home on the road.

In Prince Edward Island (PEI), RV travel is very common and brings unexpected travel experiences. RV campsites are everywhere on the Island with views of forests, wetlands, beaches, and other natural landscapes. Being close to nature, you may have unexpected surprises with wild birds, animals, and plants, including red fox and endangered birds. Most of the campsites here need to be booked in advance.
Here’s a brief overview of PEI’s RV campsites.

A camping experience is available everywhere on the Island in a variety of settings. You’ll find private campgrounds, provincial parks, cottages, cabins, and RV facilities. You can camp at the beach, in the woods, near shopping and restaurants, or away from it all. So whether you’re looking to rough it under the stars or relax in comfort, you’ll find the right accommodations at an affordable price. Enjoy the outdoors? There’s a campsite on Prince Edward Island that you’d love to call home.

The Island has welcomed many individual RVers and RV rallies over the years. As an RV enthusiast, you will be pleased with the many amenities that our province has to offer. It’s easy to travel to the island. Three scenic coastal drives, fresh produce from the land, rich heritage and culture, Canada’s top golf destination, world famous shellfish, a vibrant arts community, and beaches around every turn are all waiting for you here.

Here is a the list of famous PEI campgrounds:
1、Ben’s Lake Trout Fishing and Campground
Phone: (902) 838-2706
2、Cavendish Sunset Campground

Cavendish Sunset Campground

3、Cumberland Cove Seaside Campground
Phone: (902) 855-2961
4、Whispering Pines RV Estate
5、Cavendish KOA Campground
Fax: (902) 963-2096
6、New Glasgow Highlands Camp Cabins/Camping
Fax:(902) 964-3232
7、Twin Shores Camping Area
Fax:(902) 836-3654
8、River RV Campground
9、White Sands Cottages & Campground Resort
Phone: (902) 963-2532
10、St. Peters Park

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