PEI national park

2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. To celebrate, all National Parks in Canada are inviting visitors to explore for free! This is definitely a fantastic opportunity for every travel enthusiasts to enjoy the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island (PEI). This guide shows you interesting parts of the National Park in PEI. We hope the information our team collected will help you have a wonderful time.

Prince Edward Island National Park spreads over 65 km of the coastline and includes beaches along the edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the north shore of the Island, with red sandstone cliffs and endless sand dunes. Throughout the summer, the wide and beautiful beaches attract a large number of tourists who come for hiking and camping. More than 50 km of hiking and cycling trails and boardwalks—including a 20 km multi-purpose cycling lane—are in the Park, winding through a variety of coastal terrains such as saltwater swamps and Acadian forest

The landscape of PEI’s National Park is like a fairy tale in the real world. In the 19th century, a farm house was established in the Park as the home of the main character Anne in the beloved novel Anne of Green Gables. This attraction is one of the most popular cultural heritage sites in Canada.

When visiting PEI National Park, travelers are usually amazed at the exotic sand dunes of the Greenwich Peninsula. They also find interesting the camping, cycling, and swimming areas in the central area of the Park, Brackley Beach. Visitors also love to sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful cultural history of the Cavendish district. These three districts together form the most unique park in Atlantic Canada: Prince Edward Island National Park.

In PEI National Park, you must:

• Sit in a red or yellow beach chair and enjoy the scenery. The location of the chairs allows you to see the best landscape of the National Park.

• Watch the sky at night. When you are far away from the city lights at the Cavendish campground, you will be surprised at the clarity of the sky and the brightness of the stars at night.

• Do yoga on the beach! Take a deep breath and feel as if you are the only person left in the world. Feel the wind blow and listen to the sound of the waves.

• Explore the paths in the Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site. Step onto the beautiful trail network to find some of the most attractive scenery on the Island across the harbour from Charlottetown.

• Discover the Island’s flora and fauna. You will come across lots of adorable animals in your travels, so remember to click the shutter to capture that moment and share it with us.

• Glimpse the parabolic sand dunes and walk on the Greenwich Trail. You can reach the highest dune in PEI.

• Embrace nature in the pastoral trails and enjoy the forest and farm landscapes along New London Bay.

• Meet an iconic Canadian character–Anne of Green Gables—and have your photo taken with her.

• Enjoy the sunset to end the day. If you wait for the sunset at Cavendish Beach, you will have an unparalleled view that you will never forget.

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