Stay in Cottage, Stay in Nature

PEI is famous for its beaches, forests, and all kinds of natural beauty, so it is not surprising that cottages are the most popular choice of accommodation among visitors and Islanders alike.

Even if PEI is a very small island, there are enough cottages available for all visitors to enjoy their vacation.

What is cottage?

A typical cottage is an individual house, usually one to one-and-a-half storeys in height. A cottage is usually quite small; in some countries, specific legislation actually determines the size of the building. Cottages can be made of a variety of materials, including stones or wood frame, depending on the region, and the architectural styles of cottages are also very different from one place to another.
Many people associate cottages with a comfortable and simple life. Internally, cottages are designed to be comfortable and small-scale. Many cottages are designed in country style with a wooden floor, exposed beams, and hand-carved wood products and decorations.

The cottage in PEI

There are almost 300 cottages in PEI, with very vacation cottage less than 30 minutes drive from the coast. Most of them are near the sea or forest. They provide a warm and secure shelter for you after a day playing on the beach and embracing nature. They allow you to feel the real natural habitat and keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. They are a place where you can perceive the meaning of life.

Cottages range from luxurious to a simple pastoral style, and most of them have a fully equipped kitchen.

Because you can find supermarkets and small grocery stores everywhere on the Island, it is very convenient for tourists to cook and barbecue at the cottage. Some cottages are clustered in groups to form a resort, however, where delicious food is served.

It is said that cottages could provide you a different life in different scenery. We can call this the life “facing the sea, with spring blossoms.”

The history of cottages in PEI

Cottages are a part of the PEI scenery. The oldest existing seaside cottage, Dalvay by the Sea, was built in 1895 on the north shore, and is now a tourist attraction and a popular inn.
The film Anne of Green Gables was shot at Dalvay by the Sea. In the summer of 2011, Prince William and Princess Kate spent few days here for their honeymoon trip and attended an outdoor reception.
Dalvay by the Sea is part of the Dalvay Hotel with eight 3-bedroom cottages in addition to the main lodge. You can enjoy the scenery of the sea, Dalvay Lake, and landscaped gardens.

Many cottages are exquisitely designed, comfortable, and in beautiful settings–but also cost-effective—and are waiting for you to explore!

Author: Boughton Island Ltd.
Chinese Editor: Peng Peng
English Editor: Ginny

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